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Discover how Flip AI  supports a wide diversity of enterprises.

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Flip AI supports a wide array of systems, application architectures and infrastructure components to help enterprises unlock their observability data.

Kubernetes on AWS, Splunk

Enterprise A runs 1000+ nodes on Kubernetes (K8s) clusters using Amazon EKS and uses Splunk for log management. Flip is able to rapidly debug K8s-specific incidents that may be contributing to application degradation and availability drops by connecting metric, app logs, audit logs emitted by K8s clusters, nodes and pods with anomalous logs observed in Splunk, all in a matter of seconds.

Microservices on GCP, Datadog

Enterprise B runs 200+ latency sensitive heterogeneous microservices on GCP (Anthos, GKE), Google Cloud Logging for log management, and Datadog for distributed traces. Flip is able to debug root causes of P99 latency spikes using BigQuery to automatically query Google Cloud Logging, and correlating it with hundreds of traces observed in Datadog.

Java Monolith On-Prem, Prometheus, Grafana, AppDynamics

Enterprise C runs high throughput Java EE monolithic applications on premise, with hosted Prometheus for metrics, Grafana for visualization, and AppDynamics for distributed traces. Flip is able to generate root cause analyses for complex relational database related incidents that are negatively impacting business critical KPI thresholds.

Microservices on AWS, Prometheus, S3, Athena

Enterprise D runs heterogeneous microservices on AWS that generate 100+ GB/min of observability data (logs, metrics), with Prometheus metrics being stored in S3, and Athena as the query layer. Flip is able to improve customer MTTR (mean time to remediate incidents) and reduce spend on observability tools.

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